2 Day a Week Training


I’ve recently been doing 3days lifting and 2 days grappling.

But I don’t seem to be recovering from my sessions (only 30 years young) …

In an ideal world I’d probably change my sleep from 5/6hrs a night to 8/9 but work/life doesn’t allow it currently so thinking of going down to 2days lifting.

How would you maximise results from training 2days a week for a natural athlete?

A) stick to 3 days program but do it over 2 week period i.e AB one week CA the next BC the next?

B) Do a lower day and then an upper day

C) Do a push , then a pull day

D) Do Heavy lowerday with Hypertrophy Upper , and then a Heavy Upper day with hypertrophy lower?

IMHO, the only way to optimize results with 2 weekly sessions is to do 2 whole body workouts. Pick 4 big basic lifts and focus on getting stronger on them. One of the two sessions can be heavier and the second can be “lighter” either by using higher reps (still less than 10), by using a very slow eccentric tempo or by including isometric pauses during the lift.

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Just like to put it out there ,

I went down to 2 days - Full Body workouts as you said, but split it upper/lower e.g.
Upper Heavy Strength ( 2 exercises @ 5|3|1 w/ 1st set last )
Lower Hypertrophy/Assistance ( 4/5 exercises @ 2/3sets x 8|10|12 reps)

2nd Day
Lower Heavy Strength
Upper Hypertrophy/Assistance

Finish both days with a Grip/Abbs/Neck/Calves circuit

Honestly it feels amazing. Both my BJJ and Lifting is better as i’m no where near as fatigued and really want to push every session , instead of just feeling like i have to get through it.

Was really worrying that going down to 2 days would loose my gains but i feel stronger than ever!

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