2 Day a Week Template

Hello Group:

I have both the original 5/3/1 and the Beyond 5/3/1. I am 43, work a desk job and about to run my 35th cycle of 5/3/1 (life imposed a couple of layoffs over the last five years).

I’ve been primarily pursuing strength for the last three years and will be preparing for a hike up Kilimanjaro in January, so conditioning is the order of the day.

To that end, I am switching to strength training two days a week and will push conditioning hard on 4 of the 5 off days (primarily weight vest treadmill walking on a steep incline with the occasional session of interval training or barbell complexes).

Anyone run either or both of the 2 day a week templates in Beyond (pages 59 and 70) and have any feedback they would care to share?

I’m 5’11, 220lbs, my training maxes are bp 310, sq 405, dl 440, ohp 180, and I have no particular mobility issues. I’m leaning toward the second template.