2 Day a Week Progression

Hi folks, i’m having a bit of a brain fart at the moment. I’ve been following bbb 2 days a week template from beyond 531 for 8 cycle’s now, the whole six week programme is mapped out. I’ve decided to give the other 2 day a week template a go, anyway… here’s my question.

Jim say’s week one 531 sets and reps and week two 531 sets and reps, I’m wondering how the weight is increased for weeks 3456?

Your weights (to be specific, your TM) increase after each cycle - just like every 5/3/1 program out there. So if you do 4 lifts/week in a 2 day/week routine and deload after 6 weeks:

Week 1 - 3x5
Week 2 - 3x3
Week 3 - 5/3/1

Change TM

Week 4 - 3x5
Week 5 - 3x3
Week 6 - 5/3/1

Change TM

And so on…nothing changes.

Obviously, if you are doing 2 lifts/week it will take longer to complete a cycle.

Ok I got it, thanks for the reply jim