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2 Day a Week Lift Selection

This might be a stupid question and I’m over thinking it, but is there a reason the bench is paired with the squat and the press with the dealift? Or can the two presses be swapped?

You can do them any way you like - Jim says it in the book.

I have done bench with deadlift, and did not like it. My lower back did not like the arching immediately after DL.

I read somewhere that you should do the bench before deads as the deads take more out of you than if you benched first. But I can see the argument as to why you should squat or deadlift first.

Military AFTER Dead Lift will help your military big time - especially if you are lifting some weight and tapping your central nervous system. My military usually skies when doing this. In fact, I do not know why I ever stopped and I think I will start again.