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2 Cycles Starting at 19 Yrs Old, Still Not Recovered. TRT or Not?

Hey guys, 22 year old male here who did two cycles from 2017 to now, recovered fine after the first cycle but ever since finishing this cycle I’ve been suffering from low T.

Did a 16 week cycle of «primobolan» at 400mg’s week, which i realised was fake obvs. It fucked up my kidneys and caused extreme heart palpations by the end of the cycle which lasted for months. Things got better though. organs are at normal value now.

My T however has not bounced back. Suffering from Insomnia, diminished sexdrive, constant fatigue, struggle to keep up with conversations as i fall out easily. Come to the point where I’ve had to stop working.

Testosterone - 278
SHBG - 32
Thyroid - 0.75
FSH - 3
LH - 3

Tried to use clomid which only raised my test to 478, and quickly dropped as i quit. Been feeling like this for 9 months, but my patience is really running out. I just want to get my T back so i can function normally again. Any point to try a restart protocol or should I just hop on the T?

This is probably better suited for the Pharma forum.

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At your age I would try a restart protocol again. Based on the small amount of labs posted you appear to be secondary hypo. This may be from your use of AAS and who knows maybe not. What did your clomid protocol look like? Are you under doctor supervision?

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What would be an ideal restart protocol? I’m kind of in a sticky situation because I live in Norway and I am not really getting much help from my doctor. I went to a private clinic where the doc prescribed me Clomid 25mg ed for one month. My sleep and appetite got slightly better on it. Testicular atrophy is still present. Not under doctor supervision atm

Do you have access to HCG and Nolvadex. I’m not really a PCT guy as I’m on TRT. From what you’ve described though I would likely try HCG for a month followed by Nolvadex for a month. Something like 1000iu HCG / week split up for the first month and the standard 40/40/20/20 Nolva regimen for the second month.


Good advice. I think if getting balls plump before the SERM is the goal, that you could use a bit more HCG. While doing monotherapy for a bit on it, I was using 500 iu EOD. The doctor at Defy did not think that was too much when I asked him about de-sensitation.

If purely secondary though, I might not use the HCG as it is suppressive in a secondary sense. From the posts above it sounds like a bit of both, so then I think the HCG makes sense.

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I can access hcg I believe, not sure about nolva, will clomid do?

If you are sourcing online, nolva might be called tamoxifen (nolva is the brand name). It is considered by most to have less sides than clomid, but I also know people who have used clomid successfully. I think for clomid, dosing is higher.

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Alright, I’m going to try and get my hands on it. Really hope this works, I’m kind of skeptical since it’s been 9-10 months, hope it works :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Cheers guys, appreciate the feedback, means alot.

Hey guys,

22 year old with labs at 280/ngdl. Been to several urologists/endos. Tried to restart HPTA axis with clomid monotherapy, failed. This all happened after a steroid cycle. Can’t get my hands on hcg. I have felt like absolute shit for 9-10 months. Lost interest in everything and everybody, don’t even remember what having emotions feels like, except for being down all the time. Impossible to get TRT where I live (Norway). I am thinking self administrated, just want to feel good again, thoughts ?

How low do you need to be for TRT in Norway?

Can you go private (like balancemyhormones or something, I think they operate in Europe, not sure about Norway specifically though)? What are the laws regarding personal possession of anabolic-androgenic steroids in Norway?

You need to be 190-200, it’s extremely low. Anabolics are illegal here. I Haven’t heard of that company before, doubt they operate in Norway, I’ll take a look at it.