2 Cycles of Smolov JR

I just finished the first cycle of two. However i planned the first to be lighter mostly to get comfortable squating 4 days a week. Now im done with my first cycle, should i take 1 week of light squatting and then start the 2 cycle or just jump directly to the 2 cycle first coming monday?

I ran smlov jr with pretty decen results haf yr ago so running a double this summer.

deload and go again.

thanks. I have one more question. I was planning on just continuing where i left of or should i plot in new numbers to the program the second cycle?

last session on first cycle was 315 10x3

I wan the second cycle to end with 330 10x3 or more i i feel i can do it.

plan on hitting 4 plates after this 2 cycle

Hit a new pr as predicted 4 plates. Its like what u can do 10x3 u just add 30kg/66lbs and that is likely to be ur new pr. Happened last time where i did 315 10x3 and did 170kg as new pr. This is for the squat. not for bench. For bench in my experience what u can do 10x3 add 20kg will be ur new pr.

If i run a new cycle 6 months and decide to end it with 160kg/352 lbs 10x3 im certain i will hit 190kg/418lbs

most of the time you get used to the program and don’t have such progress after a few cycles. Have that in mind

i think this wlil work if you run it once every half year. i predict a 440 squat around christmas. Im going to hit 418 by other means and then run a new smolov before christmas. well see :stuck_out_tongue:

I see no reason not to use the same rep schemes just for 3 days a week like : mon 6x6 wed 8x4 fri 10x3 and use smaller increments or just maintain. I think you will build some good mass and keep if not gain strength while doing it.

At least for me squatting with programs like madcow or 5/3/1 is not good for even maintaining. I mean doing 1x5 on mondays and 1x3 on fridays lol it bearly stimulates ur cns it feels like.

sometimes you need to backoff and let your body “heal”

i was doing a Sheiko plan and after the first cycle I got like +20kg on everything then tried it for a second cycle and got barely +5kg changing it to a westsidish template gave me another ~+10-15kg

you just need try something new occasionally

but if it works, don’t fix it

Smolov jr is far less harsh on the body but eventually you will have to come off it to recover a bit. They are both mainly meant to peak you but Jr. just does it a lot less intensely but that fatigue will compound over several cycles to the point that a week deload wont recover you and then you start to plateau or fail.

Far less harsh than what? the normal Smolov?

The only drawbac with squatting that often and with such volume and intensity is that u cant do other stuff like cycling and joggin without it messing u up. So it might be a good idea to lay off the intense squatting to get some cardio done for health purposes. havent done cardio in a while lol

whelp could barely get 352 for 3 today. the comedown is real. Its mind boggling how fast u lose conditioning.

i think i will run a full smolov after christmas to get some serious lifts lol. and focus on my dl and bench this yr.