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2 Cycles of Massdrol and No Pcts

hey there i took mass-drol for the first time in January and finished the first cycle not going on any pct then 2 months later i started my second cycle and once again didnt take any pcts. i started my third cycle in july and finally found out what pct’s were so right now im taking formadrol extreme as my pct.

i went for my blood test last week and apparently i have high cholesterol at 6.6 which should be at 4.0 because my age(im 21) i knew straight away it is because of the mass-drol that i have this problem. so now i regret taking this especially without pcts the first 2 cycles so i plan to stop taking all this all together and want to build everything naturally.

can i bounce back to normall? how much has all this effected me and any long term problems?