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2 Cycle Questions

Hi guys,

age 27
5’ 3’’
9.7% body fat
Just placed 1st at regionals 2 months ago and looking to compete in the summer again

Cycle (starting next week)

weeks 1-4 - - 40mg dbol/day
weeks 1-10 - - 500ml/week of test enthanate
weeks 1-10 - - 0.5mg/day arimadex
weeks 6-15 - - 25mg/day of proviron
weeks 12-15 - - 20 mg/day nolvadex
weeks 1-continuous - - 1mg finisteride (I take this for hairloss prevention on a daily basis anyways)


  1. what do you guys think about this?
  2. would dostinex for during cycle or PCT be a good idea?..
  3. should I run proviron throughout the whole cycle or only after dbol?

Thanks in advance!


Arimidex doseage is a bit high take 0.5mg EOD and bump up if necessary, couldn’t comment on proviron as I have never used it.

How many cycles have you done previously?


Thanks WG,

This is actually my 2nd. I’ve been around it for a long time thuogh. This one here was specifically planned by my coach, so I just wanted to run it by the forums and get some feedback, that’s all…

Arimidex EOD instead and then monitor sides? If I get them, just bump it up?..

Thanks for the input…I appreciate any comments on this…

Correct with the Arimidex.

You might view people not commenting on your cycle as a negative, however it is because it’s a good straight forward 2nd cycle.

Have fun, get your grow on!


Thanks guys. Just logged on and started this past Sunday
I took arimadex very day but will now switch to EOD (starting with taking today off).

Should I take more days off before EOD? Or just start EOD now?

Thanks again guys! Big help!