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2 Consecutive Smolov Jr. Cycle for Bench


I am currently on my second cycle of Smolov Jr. Bench after about a 5 day rest after I re-tested my 1 Rep Max (20lb Increase). I was wondering if it is a good idea that I’m doing a second cycle in such a short period of time. The only reason I’m doing this is because I’m injured on the lower body due to a leg dislocation and I’m currently waiting for surgery for my acl.

I also ran it while waiting for an injury to heal. One run took me from 300x2 to 320x1, which according to a 1RM calculator is a whole 2 lb increase. It was probably more like a 5 lb increase. I’m sure another would’ve done nothing. It also caused some bad shoulder pain too.

I wouldn’t do it again. Why not do something like ws4sb but just don’t do the lower body day?

i did 3 in a row. should have stopped after 1 and a half. it simply can become too much. awesome gains btw…

I did a Smolov for Bench (6x6 to start version) a few months ago and brought my bench up 15%: 215 to 245. I did another one about a month later and got zero.

I tried similar nonsense with squats. Brought it up from 245 to 295 in the summer of last year. Tried a couple months later and got nothing. Tried it a year later and got from 335 to 375. My weight remained between 160 and 170 throughout all of this.

Lesson: Smolov is best done about once per year.

Thanks for the responses. I’m halfway through the second cycle so I’m just gonna finish it. Probably gonna go back to some Max effort and Dynamic/Rep work after this on the upperbody for now to change things up.