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2 Children Murder for Fun


im probably a racist for posting this.. but whatever

Two teens 'who shot dead Australian student in the street because they were bored' charged with murder and third charged as an accessory

Promising baseball student gunned down on Friday after a visit to his sweetheart
Parents of teens accused deny their sons are involved

Police believe they were going to shoot someone else afterwards
One of them tweeted they were going to 'start taking lives'

Tribute from heartbroken girlfriend says 'I love you so much babe'

Flowers adorn the scene of the shooting that has left the town stunned


Why does their skin color matter in this instance?

The article didn't even title itself "black teens".

The next white criminal I find, can I do the same for dramatic effect?


I know for a fact that you're not this dense


Im sorry, I dont remember seeing you take this stance on the meida playing on Travon's race....


Because a murder victim only looks like Obama's son if the killer is a white guy, who really happens to be Hispanic.


also, Walkway is a racist.


if someone doesn't eat black olives they are a racist according to some of the posters and most of the media.


al Sharpton where u at?


Im sure those pictures and tweets were just taken out of context....Im sure of it.


That is because it was a question of race hate.

Is that the issue here?


From what I am reading, race had nothing to do with their victim choices....so why was this presented as "'BLACK TEENS"?


they were forced to take those pictures by a white (republican) person to perpetuate the stereotype that black kids want to be "thugs", obviously something similar to that happen, it HAS to be the case


because they were not white teens, Hispanic teens, or Asian teens.


No, you first presented it like their race was an issue. The article itself didn't even do that...and then the title got changed by the mods I assume.


A lot of black kids do want to emulate thugs.

A lot of white kids want to emulate thugs.

I think the real question is why you related that to only black kids......and why pictures on facebook now equal "guilty".

If anything, this should tell idiots to keep some of these pictures off the internet.


I am concerned about WHAT RACE the shooter was in this case:


3 dead, 5 wounded in shooting in southern Germany

I bet they were WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Hey, guys...did I mention he was WHITE?


of course "the article didn't do that"

are you like... new to the US media or something?


Shitty hopefully they spend the rest of their lives behind bars. Doesn't matter to me if they are black white Asian or purple.


Uh...but it didn't do that because white people are not a minority who was at risk of race bias on a grand scale.

It may be a double standard, but to ignore why is ridiculous.

This had nothing to do with a race hate crime.