2 Burning Questions

I am relatively new to steroids. I completed a 6 week cycle of d-bol stacked with winstrol. Sorry I am terrible with the spellings. I was taking anti estro but only really began to take them once I noticed some nipple issues. Since being off my cycle for over a 7 weeks the nipples have started to go back to normal but my sex drive took much longer to come back. Do any of you know what could have caused it to go down?

Secondly and more importantly at this time I am about to go back on a shorter cycle of d-bol and I�??m taking LiquiDex this time. It came in a bottle with an eye dropper. Should I just swallow the liquid, put it with a glass of water or does it need to be injected?

If there is anyway I can avoid injecting it, that would be ideal but I realize that it might not be the case. What do you guys suggest?


LOL! You dumbass. Seriously though, check out some clomid or nolvadex at 20-40mgs a day for a few weeks and your libido should be straightened out.

You shouldn’t take steroids with the same obliviousness that you would eat gummy worms.

Continue with this disregard for knowledge, and you’ll find yourself submitted for the Darwin Award.

thanks guys, I was just trying to be straight forward. I have done my reading and looked things up I only asked about the libido becasue I felt that I was already taking necessary steps to control it. I just came for a lil help but I understand how stupid most of that sounded too.

Well, since the door is already open…What IS the proper PCT dosing schedule with Liquidex (and Femara)- (“eyedropper”)as opposed to Nolva/Tamifoxen anyway? They are more obscure than nolva/hcg so info is scarce…Curious…

I would never use an AI or HCG for PCT. I don’t see how either would be useful.