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2 bottles...12 weeks...what to do

Hey people i have a question.

I just got two bottles of hot rox, im going on a 12 week cutting phase…with two bottles of hot rox i dont have enough to last me the whole cycle…I was wondering when would u people consider it best to use it?
at the start of the cycle…in the middle…or at the end???

thanks for your time

You may not need to take the full amount. I am very sensitive to them and get a big rush when I take the full amount. I called customer service and they told me if I’m that sensitive to them I I don’t need to take four a day. So I’m going to experiment from one to two a day.

Even if you’re not sensitive to them like I am, you may be able to get results from less than the full amount each day.

What is your current bodyfat %???

Diet for 4 weeks then start HR for the remaining 8.

im around 18% bodyfat mostly in waist area…

also to add to my question, would taking two pills a day instead of 4 and use it twice as long be better than having the full does for lets say 40 days (2 bottles = 40 days).

if it helps im 6.2 220 right now.

this all depends on your current conditioning levels. if you are on a 12 week program then maybe you need 2 weeks just to get in good shape. do you know what routine you will use while cutting:, edt, meltdowns, ct’s. are you ready to push yourself in the next 12 weeks? remember that hotrox has caffeine in it so you might want to take it till you finish the bottle, take 7 days off and then do another bottle. Also the type of diet plays an important role. will you be lowering your calories every week or will be keeping them at a certain maintance level for a given lean mass that you want? if you will be cutting calories progressively then i would take the hot rox towards your lower calorie levels. if you will be cycling between high carb days and low carb days then i would take the hotrox on the low carb days. laters pk

id save it till the end when you need it the most.

I agree with P-dog. At 18%, cutting is gonna be pretty easy at first. Save it till you get down around 12-13%.


Agree with the rest, save it for the end.

You should be able to lose easy @ first anyway and it should help to protect LBM in the later stages of the dieting when you are more likely to lose it.