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2 Board Press Height


Hey guys, I'm gonna start using the 2 board press as an assistance exercise, but I'm too cheap to buy boards. Instead, I'm just using a thick book I put under my shirt. So I'm wondering what exactly is the height of a 2-board? Thanks in advance.


About three inches. That's what I train at due to shoulder issues. I'd find done old 2 x 4 and glue together two 18" lengths.


2 board is 4 inches. Typically they are made from 2x4s or 2x6s.


A 2x4 is not actually 2 inches thick GruntOrama. It is in fact ~1.5 inches thick so a 2bd is 3 inches thick.


Weird, I just looked this up. You guys are right. My mistake.


Board press boards are as cheap as looking in your garage for some 2x6s. Don't be a lazy ass.



book in the shirt sounds like a decent idea, actually. For me, I can't be bothered to get someone to hold the board for me, and I don't know that I could balance it myself, and I just do pin presses instead.

As for the specific height, what you need to look at is the purpose of board presses. From what I understand there are two. One: to target sticking points. So you want to set it to the point where you are weakest, so you can target that part of the motion. Two: to smoke your triceps/lockout. This is typically gonna be higher (3-5 board)

The exact height isn't magical, imo.


You don't need someone to hold the board. I use a miniband to hold the board to my chest.


They plane the boards which takes off 0.25 inches each side.



It's so when you build a wall and put 1/4" thick drywall or plywood on each side, you've got a 4" thick wall. At least a 4x8' board of plywood is ACTUALLY 4x8'

And I just stick the boards under my shirt, if nobody's around to hold them


Serously... and even if you dont have any, i got enough wood to make a 5 board for like $10


Do what I do, use duct tape to hold the board, pretty simple.




Or you can just stuff them under your shirt. Ive been doing this for awhile due to lack of training partner.


Thanks everyone for your input!


Another option that works well... YOGA blocks. They are 3" thick just like a 2 board and if you let the weight sink into the foam it's like a 'Manpon'. Walmart - $9. They come in all kinds of colors. Slide right up into your tee shirt. They come in CORK too if you prefer something with less give and "smoosh"