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2 Board Press=Full Press?


I did a 2 board cgbp today and it was the about the same as my full range cgbp. I flared as soon as I very slightly let the bar sink into the board. I felt like I had a very sturdy base and a good descent. I'm thinking this means my triceps are weak.

Btw, I'm lifting raw.

Anyway, my question is if this is normal or not. [elitefts pimp]Just got the boards from elitefts today. They have some awsome Christmas deals[/elitefts pimp]


For me, the higher the baord, the more weight I can do.

I'd say my 2 board is about 25# more than off the chest.


It's been over a year since I've used boards and when I did, it was with my regular grip using a 3 board. Sounds reasonable, maybe next week I'll do a lot better.

BTW, fortunately I found someone who could hold the board for me, but if I can't find someone to do that what's the best to hold the board in place. I found some old non-elastic wraps to wrap and tie around me and the board and it's better than nothing but still leaves a lot to be desired.


When I trained with boards, I saw a significant increase relative to the number of boards. Definitely your triceps are the issue but nothing a couple cg, dips, and board/floor presses can't fix so you're on the right track. Also, what really worked for me when I was alone was glue the boards together and when oh are ready to lift, put them under your shirt...held them in place for me pretty well....


Here's what I do. Eye bolt in the bottom board. Carabiner attached right to my belt. I actually like this better than someone holding the board. It forces me to stay tight as shit or the baord will wobble off my chest. Tight = good benching! Plus it frees up the one guy in the gym who has a clue to actually SPOT ME. Pretty slick huh?
Try this..put on a belt loose. Stick the handle of the board right in the loose belt AND OR stick the board right under your Tee Shirt. Hope this helps

EDIT: If you don't like none of these options go to Wal-Mart and buy a set of YOGA blocks. They are square foam blocks. They happen to be the same thickness of a 2 board. They fit right up under your shirt. Press off those. The bar will sink in to the blocks a little bit. It'll feel like a bench shirt does off the chest..sort of. They come in a two pack for $10. It comes with a strap that tyou could use to strap down the wood board So it's a win-win... I cut one of the blocks in half...I call it my shoulder saver. It allows me to get tyhe same ROM as I would arching like hell, without actually arching like hell and tweaking my lower back.


I use a band around myself and just put the board under it when I dont have people helping me.


Agreed. I take a micro mini, make a figure 8 out of it, lay one loop over the other, and then put it around my chest and shove the board under there. Works great.


Buying yoga blocks=extra pressing variation + strap to hold boards

I've never used a bench shirt, but I'm sure the variation couldn't hurt. Thanks, I'll have to try that. Did you get yours at walmart?


yep, got these