2 Big Problems

Hello all. I’m now starting my 8th weeks of a 12 week cycle and I’m running into several problems. First problem is sleep. I’m falling asleep just fine, but for the past 2 weeks I have been waking up at approx 1:30. After this I toss and turn much the rest of the night. It’s not because I have to pee or anything, I’m just waking up.

Second problem is I’m in the 3rd week of running qv inject winny. My elbows and forearms are KILLING ME. I’ve reached a point on back and biceps that the limiting factor is not how strong I am, but how much pain I can bear. The forearm thing is the main issue, as they bother me almost non-stop now. I was planning on running the winny for longer, but at this point if that is causing my joint pain it’s not worth it. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.

I get the same problem with sleeping, honestly though I find I just don’t need it while on.

You might try something like melatonin, that forces me into about 6 hours of good sleep.

The joint thing is definitely due to the Winny, you could try Nandralone Phenylpropinate if you can find it, that apparently helps. You might also look into Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM for the joint pain.


So, I looked through your past post and couldn’t find anything about your cycle. Please post what you have been on.

As for the pain this where the knowledge of what other drugs you are on would be helpful. Since I don’t know that I can say adding in glucosamine, chondrinite, MSM, and shark cartilage should help out with this.
I am also currious of how much winny you are running. I was taking as much as 100mg ed of an oral liquid winny for three weeks and had no joint problems.

One thing it did do was give me really vivid dreams about stuff I did not want to dream about if I took it before I went to bed. Like you I wouldn’t have problems falling asleep but, when I would wake from one of these dreams it would take me some time to fall asleep again. So possibly changing the timing of your injections of the winny could do you some good with your sleep.
Hope this helps

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I agree with DarkAngel…you may want to try the various supplements for the joints. If you’re not currently taking Flax oil…you may want to consider that. Also…I’ve found that when I’m geared up…I have to make sure that I’m drinking plenty of water…and it seems to help with the joint pain.

For sleep…have you tried ZMA? It won’t help you get to sleep, but it will get you into a deeper sleep. That maybe enough to get you over the hump.

I agree with bushidobadboy to a certain extent, but it isn’t just an ‘overuse’ injury, however it will become one if you continue to abuse yourself. What is going on here is your musculature strength is to strong for your joints and tendons to handle at this point. Remember you are only as strong as your weakest link, so train with a weight that is light enough that it won’t irritate the area, then slowly increase the weight overtime, as the area strengthens.

Using Winstrol has undoubtedly magnified this problem, as it tends to dehydrate the joints and tendons, which cuts down on lubrication, and hence exasperates the situation as your body’s inflamitory responce kicks in. Ice can help a little, and so can heat, but what you need is to use some ibuprophen to control the imflamation, and Nandrolone phenylpropinate will be a big help as well. I also suggest you stop the winny, and replace it with something else if possible, as I said this is further exasperating the problem.

As far as drugs, just test and winny. Winny is being ran at 50mg ed. Have not been taking anything for joints other than getting 1-1.5 gallons of water a day, so I don’t think that’s an excessive amount.

Overuse on forearms? More than likely. I have been hitting it very hard 6 days a week. I don’t think it’s an injury, as both elbows/forearms are in a similar state of pain. I’m sure P-22 is on to something, but I feel like I’m kinda stuck. This is a problem that I don’t want to mask, but rather try and fix. I am going to run the winny for 1 more week. I would love to change to something else, but don’t know what to change this late in the cycle. What’s the best compromise as far as going lighter on weight but still taking advantage of being on?

The sleep thing I’m kinda stuck on. Am going to give the ZMA and melatonin a shot. Have always been a really light sleeper, but this is killing me. Don’t want to go on something that has a script, but jeez this has to stop. Thanks for all the ideas, keep em coming!

Just a note about the Glucosamine/MSM… I’m pretty sure it takes 6-8 weeks minimum to begin accumulating and giving any positive effects. So maybe look into it for the future.