2 a week training

I was wondering about everyones views on 2 a week training for increased strength and powerlifting (Drug Free). I am applying Westside principles (100%day 1 & 65-82.5% Day 2 Simmons 2001, Percent Training: What is it really? Part II www.deepsquatter.com/ strength/archives/ls02.htm). I was a big Yates fan during the 90s so HITters, keep it current.

Also my GF who is joining the Police is interested in concurrent strength & endurance training. I have heard/read Its possible if separate body zones are used as the focus for each cycle. She needs a good performance on a 12 minute run as well as an increased vertical jump. We are both qualified strength & conditioning coaches, personal trainers, sport & MA coaches so most of the concepts & lingo should be OK but some of you may go a bit over my head.
Not shirking the reading (read newbie!!), just wondering what you all think.
Stupid Irishman

Have you read Ian King’s article from a couple of weeks ago where he gives a 2 day pw program.