2 a week programs?

By the way, hello all I’m a newbie to the T-Forums, nice place you got here : )

So this is my situation. Some of you might sympathize, I believe many of you won’t.
I’m take 5 college classes and work 50 hours a week, My schooling is set up to give me time to study in between work and this limits any and all extra time I have. I’ve also got a full time chick and I try to keep a social life…

What I have is 2 days that I am free to go the gym, providing I don’t spend 5 hrs a session. I am able to eat right and stay somewhat active and healthy.
My Question is this: is there a good 2 days a week program available to those of us with absolutley no time?? I would do a search but I really don’t know what to look for. I would really appreciate it if someone could hook me up with something.
P.S: Feel free to tell me to suck it up, miss some sleep and get my ass into the gym but it would be cool if you slipped me a link after flaming my ass ; )

Thanks in advance!

Hi Small Fry. Welcome.

Yes, there is a 2-day a week program for busy people like you.

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This article is written by Ian King. It contains links to some of his more popular articles as well.

I just wonder if you even have time to read them. :slight_smile:


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Can you train twice per week and make gains? It depends on what level you are at. One thing for sure, you can at least hold steady and not lose ground, and also gain if you are new to the game. if you do it right.I would focus on the major muscle groups. (I would work the Abs) Forget about working arms individually.

Without knowing your goals, this may not be as precise as it could be:

Barbell Squats-6 sets
Standing Barbell Presses-5 sets
Dumbbell Bench Press-5 Sets
Abdominals-Sit-Ups-2 Sets

Deadlifts-6 Sets
Chin-Ups-5 Sets
Barbell Row-5 Sets
Abdominals-Knee-Ups-2 Sets (done on a hanging bar or dip rack)

Keep your reps. in the 6 to 10. Don’t rush the reps. And make sure your eccentric (negative) end of a rep is a bit slower than the concentric. your final rep on each set should be difficult but you should be able to do one more if you had to.

Never skip a meal and make sure you are getting about 150 to 200 grams of protein per day. You will need a protein supplement. I recommend “Grow.”

Okay, what else would you like me to help you with? LOL.

Buddy, this is practically THE place to find out how to do more working out in less time! That’s all I have to really say, as you got all of the best answers :wink: