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2 A Days?


What do yall think about hitting the same muscle group twice a day. Somthing like this.

Monday chest/shoulders twice
tuesday back/bi's and tris twice
wednesday legs twice
thursday chest/shoulders twice
friday back/bi's and tris twice
saturday legs twice

Both of them full work outs about 7 exercices for the majors and 2-3 different exercices for the minors.

With two days of rest between would that be efficient enough to not over train?

or would this become to much?


Please help I would really like to design a 2 a day workout for strength any comments would be great.


Christian Thibaudeau wrote up an article a while ago about twice a day bodybuilding.

I wouldn't embark on something like this unless training was your primary focus, ie no full time job or school or family obligations. I would imagine that recovery would be a big issue unless you are using a little "help".


Your best bet is to check out Chad Waterbury's article on High Frequency Training:


Good luck with your goals.



thanks fellas I appreciate it.


Same muscle group twice a day.

Both full workouts.

Twice a week.

NO F*N WAY!!!!

Anytime you go to 2-a-days type training their has to be a volume control button. Why would you work chest--full workouts--twice in a day anyways? Even bb'rs who do 2-a-days mix up body parts and control volume. And they are using AAS, eating properly, and geting adequate rest.

I can't think of anything positive coming from this type of training.

Unless you did it for a week or something just to freak your body out.


I am doing HFT and the twice a day training is worthwhile, and pretty fun. The key is to not over do it when you train in the morning and to change the rep scheme. Have a good PWO drink afterwards and wait about 6-8 hours.

-I can't think of anything positive coming from this type of training.-


Uhh--no offense, but my reply clearly stated volume control would be they key. This poster said full workouts, same body part twice a day.
A' good postworkout drink' doesn't quite cut it as the only necessary protocol for being able to do 2 max workouts per bodypart per day.

So while I'm thinking harder about your masterful response that did nothing but agree with me maybe you should take the time to read before you type


Working the same muscles twice a day? Damn!Whatever you're on,I want some.
I could NEVER do that.
I couldn't do 800 pounds with my legs twice in one day.

In my opinion,as long as you work HARD and SMART enough,you shouldn't have to work those muscles twice a day.
However,your goals might be different than mine.


2 a days are a great way to build size. I did them last summer and it was pretty effective, although I would say total body training 3x a week is more of what you're looking for if you are trying to gain strength more than size.

And yes - 2 a day full body workouts are possible, that is exactly what I did. I did two muscle groups a day, with around 3x8-10 on approx 4 exercises per muscle group. I trained on mondays, tuesdays, thursdays, and fridays. I must admit - having wednesday off seemed to be key for recovery, I wouldn't do 5 days straight if I were you. Also, never work them out any less than 5hrs apart.

Also note - I never trained the same two muscle groups more than one day in a given week. this isn't necessarily the best way to do it, but with high volume like this it allowed me to not overtrain

Just as a means of reference, the actor (Jane Thomas I believe) that played the Punisher used a very similar program and jacked up incredibly quickly. Good luck.



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