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2-a-Day Workouts 2wks Before Contest?

Hey Guys,

I wanted to get some perspective from anyone familiar and/or personal experience with prepping for a (naturual)bodybuilding contest. I am 2 weeks out from my contest, and for the past 4 weeks, I have been doing morning workouts in addition to my evening workouts, 3-4x a week.

Basically I do a 30 minute workout with a Push/Pull/Lower body (similar to CT’s High Frequency Strength, 3-5 sets of 10 reps), just to get more volume, and then i follow that up with 25 minute conditioning.

My question is now with 2 weeks out, I know I am not going to get any bigger but part of me says to keep doing it, another part tells me I should either perserve my energy and just do the 30 min conditioning not the weights in the morning (which is in addition to the weights in the evening). I am in a caloric deficit, about 2,000 a day.

I feel I am pretty lean already, but would like more definition in my legs and upper body of course.

Anyone has an opinion on the above? keep the 2x a day workouts? or perserve some energy?? Any comments would be appreciated! Thanks in advance


You are two weeks out. Too late to work on weaknesses.

You should be on a plan already, so stick to it and learn. If you are not a plan, that is what you need to learn for next time.

Don’t do anything drastic and stay the course.

Seriously, most people f*** up the last 2-4 weeks by making changes. You are either ready or not.

Learn and have fun.

I wont even bother with the “I feel I am pretty lean already”.

I started the 2x a day workouts 6 weeks out. My plan was just to get more volume and use that as additional cardio, circuit style training. I hate traditional cardio. So its been part of my routine. My concern is that if at this point, would I be better off just toning it down a bit. I feel that the morning workouts sometimes interfere with my energy during my evening workouts.

Which is why i’m considering taking out the weight training in the morning and just doing moderate cardio for the added calorie burning

Are you on a plan, yes or no?

If yes, stay the plan and learn. You either screwed it up or it’s not for you. Either way, you get something out of it.

If no, then it doesn’t matter now. Add cardio, skip this, add that. Doesn’t matter two weeks out. Do the cardio only in the morning if you want. I personally have not idea why you would add a second work out. You probably didn’t tweak your diet either to compensate.

What about your last week? you have a plan for that?

If you hate traditional cardio, why do you do it? Lots of options on this site alone.

I didn’t just add 2x a day recently, i’ve been doing it for the past 4-5 weeks now. To elaborate a bit more on my conditioning, I am pretty vascular, veins on my shoulders, chest, lower abs, and thighs calves. Yea, so I don’t think I’ve screwed anything up.

I also have my diet plan and workout plan for my final week next week. But my thing is, whether I should CONTINUE, not add, the 2x a day workouts i’ve been doing.

I do hate the traditional cardio, but these contests really look for a “shredded” type look. So that is my goal, which is why I do cardio, however i do intervals for the most part but also keep the SS cardio as well.

Posing sessions as a second workout s another option -suprisingly tough if done properly and can bring out extra detail

I definitely agree! just finished a good 20 minute posing session. Going to try to bring that up to at least 30-40 minutes. I was just exhausted tonight. But thanks for your feedback!