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2-a-Day Training

Hi my name is Brett. I am 20 years old and have been lifting since I was 14. I have always wanted to do a 2 a day program. I have an idea on how to do it but I need a little help on it. The training itself would be Monday to Friday.

Monday: Back
Tuesday: Chest
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: Shoulders
Friday: Arms

My AM workouts will all be about 4 exercises with 4-6 sets by 4-10 reps ideally 6-8 rep range.
Then my PM workouts will be those same 4 exercises with 4 sets by 12-25 reps ideally 15-20 rep range. These will not always be the same pending the exercises and the weight I use in the AM.

My main concern for doing this would be my nutrition. I am 5 ft 9in and about 192 lbs. My above all goal would probably be to get my body fat percentage to drop a little but to gain some lean muscle.

Does anyone have any advice out there for me? Im going to attempt this probably next week for 8-12 weeks and see where it takes me.

48 sets done 5 days a week? Seems a tad excessive

Use the search function. Good articles written on the subject. Let us know which one you choose.

I get the feeling you’re talking about doubling your current volume.

Make small changes as necessary to further drive gains. Doubling your volume is not a small change. That’s just… dumb.

I admire your ambition. When I did twice a day training I was only working out three days a week, doing squats, dead lifts, power cleans, etc, in the morning and then coming back and working my upper body in the afternoons.

I read an article some time ago about doing the strength building work in the mornings and the hypertrophy in the afternoons, but then you would be doing 3-5 reps per set in the mornings.

As for leaning out, I think you should have two leg days and combine the shoulder and arms days, because no weight lifting exercise has burned more fat off me than squats, especially when I tried “Star complexes.” You can search for that article on t-nation.

If you split your day, then just move half the session to the PM dont move two full sessions into one day.

Keep in mind you are moving to an advanced schema so unless you are dominating your current sessions and have your recovery and nutrition on point you’ll likely see little benefit.

Totally unecessary, buttt here ya go…

I would cut that volume close to half for the first week and see what happens when you add more sets and probably weight every week. IE start with 20 sets per day/week and work up to whatever you can tolerate. 20 hard sets is a lot of volume has is - low or high reps.

If your going to train like that i would eat liberally, use light to medium loads for the high rep sessions and sleep lots.

And i am a big fan of high volume, it works and doesn’t fail in the short term. IME i just have to watch out that my joints don’t dry up and cause cronic pain lol

Caveat: I’ve trained multiple times a day for years off and on. Its quick but you have to tread lightly with the total volume.

Yes,Dont freaking do it and save yourself the 8 to 12 weeks. If your not getting the results you want with the current volume you might want to question other aspects .

Heres a simple concept you might want to take too Heart … Quality over Quantity

I will quote MR O Ronnie Coleman " Stimulate dont Annihilate ".

I think you are stuck in the mind set of more is better.

You are wanting to train very aggressively you want faster gains , try maybe a push pull routine, look up Arnold Schwarzenegger workout, now quit job do, around 2g a week,gear eat 6 times a day clean and in about a month you will be severe over trained . Do weights maybe 4 or 5 day split , i made great gains doing this from 14 to 24 years old loved the gym do basics, we did two a day’s in football and after two weeks crippled .

From experience with twice a day training make sure your nutrition is on point. Dont go super heavy on the second session. work anatagonizing muscle groups from the first session. Do more pump styled or bb training in the second part. Have goals down but expect that will not hit all your planned reps in the second session. Also account for all activity in your diet This is what I learned I got really shredded doing it but did not gain weight from having poor nutrition planning.

OP, did you go with it? I would. If you love training why not? It only takes a few months to see if you like it. And i’m sure it will do something. Just hope you don’t get in great shape, it will make you lazy lol

Im guessing the term Diminished Returns is unknown by the OP.