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2 A Day Training for Naturals

Hi Christian I’m doing your best damn program at the moment and wondered if a natural can weight train twice aday ?
If so how could I go about it while still using the best damn workout and its methods?
Thankyou in advance

Are you trying to accelerate your gains or just have shorter workouts?

That’s a good question because the best damn program can hardly be made shorter. So I assume that he thinks it will give him more gains, or it is simply a matter of stimulus addiction: still associating more with more gains OR just feeling the need to do more volume.

I personally would not recommend it. I’m not saying that a natural can’t do it, but most “real life” individuals will not grow more from two-a-days and might easily get worse results. In any case, do the program for 3-4 weeks to see how your body handles it before even thinking about adding some two-a-days workouts.