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2 a Day Split, Links or Examples?


The search function can suck my balls. Nothing even close came up after multiple search queries.

Does anyone have a link to a thread or a reference that gives a template for a split that incorporates 2 workouts per day. I design my own programs but would like to see a few examples of '2 a day' splits so I can figure out how I want to structure mine.



This article describes a few different ways of structuring them:




Thank you


There was this thread:
and this in the T-Cell:

Incidentally, I stopped using the site's search function and switched entirely to google. Add e.g "site:tmuscle.com" (without quotes) to your search query - I think you'll find it's a lot more relevant than the built-in search.


Poliquin's super accumulation program




Good stuff, all of it. Really depends on what you're trying to accomplish specifically, and if you're juiced or not. Obviously, dosing up the vitamin T levels will let you pull of high frequency AND high(er) volume.

I like using the frequency approach on the 2x a day schedule. Squat 3x a week, and use the other times for other body parts. Pick whatever you want to specialize on (if anything) and hammer it multiple times a week. Volume is dependent on juicing or not.

Although I've been pretty successful with moderately high volumes naturally when I'm in top conditioning, I would not recommend it for many people who are NOT juicing, because it's really unsustainable unless you're in really reaaally good condition when you start the split. But it's all individual anyway and different people can handle different workloads.

Example of something I used:

Day---AM training, PM training ---every repeated workout had different rep schemes or weight %s used (ie--all the dl workouts were different)

Mon--- Squat/DL, Chest/back
Tues---Olympic movements, isolation stuff (optional)
Wed--- Squat/DL, Chest/back
Thur--- OFF
Fri ---- Squat/DL, Chest/back
Sat---- Oly movements, isolation (optional)

Only could hold that schedule for 2-3 weeks before breaking down, but after a rest week (still in the gym, very light stuff though), I made great progress in my key lifts.

Modified for something more bodybuilding oriented, I guess I would do something similar to this:

Mon---Priority #1, Priority #2
Tues---OFF or maintenance body parts (eg shoulders or whatever are your best aspects)
Wed---Priority #1, Priority #2
Fri---- Priority #1, Priority #2
Sat----OFF or maintenance body parts

maintenance body part days are meant to be easy on your nervous system and recovery capabilities. Just keeping enough work to not let them shrink.


sad but true. the internal search function is beyond pathetic


Thanks for the replies, they have all helped greatly.

I've come up with two possible plans that I can follow. I haven't decided which I'll go with as of yet.

This program would follow a "4 on - 1 off, 4 on 2 off" structure

1a Hamstrings - 3 exercises; 3-4 x 8 - <30minutes
p Chest - 4 exercises(2cmpd, 2iso); 3-4 x 6-14 - 35 minutes

2a Quads - 4 excs; 4-5 x 12-18 - 35 minutes
p Back - 4 excs; 3-4 x 8-12 - 30 minutes

3a Calves - 3 excs; 4 x 15-20 for gastrocs, 5 x 8 for soleus - <30 minutes
p Delts/Traps - 3 Delts 2 Traps; 3-4 x 8-12 - 35 minutes

4a Triceps - 4 excs; 3-4 x 8-10 - 30 minutes
p Biceps - 4 excs; 3-4 x 6-10 - 30 minutes
(order for arms would be rotated weekly)

This program would have day 3 as an off day and there would be random off days included based on how I feel

1a Quads
p Back

2a Hamstrings
p Chest


4a Calves
p Delts/Traps

5a Triceps
p Biceps (rotated)

I am debating between the two programs because I like to do RDL for hamstrings and worry that it will affect my back session where I do rack pulls at the end of the day. The day after rack pulls I will be shrugging for traps. Rack pulls don't normally make my traps all that sore, but there has to be a strength drop off.

The second option has delts the day after chest. I am currently nursing a shoulder injury resulting from poor spotting during heavy incline pressing so if I am not 90+% healthy my shoulder wont be able to handle that frequency.

Next thing to figure out is what changes I'll have to make to my eating habits.

And if there are any questions about the volume: I normally train high volume 8 months out of the year (high intensity the other 3.5, (off weeks)) and will take advantage of anabolic assitance. I expect this to actually leave me with more energy than normal. Currently my workouts last about 60-70 minutes depending how crowded the gym is.



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