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$2.7 Trillion to Protect America


(p)Resident Bush submitted a $2.77 trillion budget plan to Congress today that calls for cutting the growth of Medicare and putting tight limits on most spending not related to national security.

$2,770,000,000,000.00 !!!!!!! Many of us wouldn't probably get to see half a million in this life-time!

Let's see with cutting budget on healthcare and everything else that keeps our society functioning, where will be we at? I don't even know how the average Americans would have to pay off the original $5 billions. And now they are talking about cutting back on healthcare budget and evaporated social security fund, what should a working-class American do?

The situation is:

There are bills to be paid off. The kids need college tuition fund. Medicare is as good as gone. Obviously, money needs to be saved up money for the retirement years. And that outrageous gas price is what made everything worse.

How should a working-class American take care of his/her family?? The job that he or she is holding now is not guaranteed. Everyday could be his/her last day employed, especially if you work for FORD or GM.

Let's say he or she got fired. All of a sudden being in the military with all the promised benefits doesn't sound all that bad at all.

Remember, there are soldiers dying everyday and Iraq is not the US last stop. Recruiting rates have dropped. Draft is at this point out of question. But we need our troops from somewhere so why not cutting back on benefits?

Believe me I've seen soldiers signed up for 4 more years just because they couldn't find another opportunity outside the military that offers the same benefits.

Am I saying everyone should join the military? NO! Absolutely not. But we sure can start sending letters to congress about how DEMOCRACY works.

Democracy is a system where the population of a society controls the government. Democratic government aspires to serve under "the people" rather than ruling over them. But I don't recall anyone asked me whether I approved the war or this $2.7 trillion to be given away.

Here is the link so you can read it for yourself.



Umm... do you really want a system where every major decision for the country is put to a popular vote?


better that than a fascism.


Please move to Canada. All these problems would go away for you. Otherwise quit bitching about the cost of protecting our nation and then saying we can't find jobs because of it.

Jobless rates are at an all time low. Let's blame that on somebody.....humm who can we blame for that?


protect us from whom?!

If it wasn't for our government to let that 9/11 happen, we wouldn't be at WAR ON TERROR right now. Wake up, dude. Being patriotic is good, but it shouldn't make blind.


LMAO It's amazing how people will so casually toss around the term "fascism" as if we are living under anything that remotely resembles a true fascist state (but hey, it's just easier to throw around terms like that to describe any government you don't like that has a conservative bent to it).

Go ahead and dislike the current administration. That's totally fine... but how about this? You tell us how much we should be spending on defense and homeland security. What would be the appropriate number? I see your criticisms, but you're short on solutions.


'patriot act'?!


This is devoid of any good logic or reason. We have always been at war with terror indirectly through financing. You blame our govt. on 9-11? This is just....wow I can't think why you would believe this. It would have happened someplace else if not the twin towers.


Wait a second. Your logical is completely fuddled on that point. Either you are saying our government purposefully allowed 9/11 to happen (please tell me you don't actually believe this) OR that if we had our acts together to prevent 9/11 (i.e. CIA and FBI doing a better job of monitoring terrorist organizations) we would not have been in a war on terror.

In the 2nd situation, we would still be in a war on terror, even if 9/11 would have been prevented.

Seriously, I'm not following your line of argument.


"With 70 billion going to war as of now, while 18 billion is slated for Hurricane Katrina damage, this budget is definitely un-balanced. With adding the tax cuts, this country will never get out of debt, and we will slowly become a 3rd world country if this budget doesn't get straight. They are not approaching this budget with common sense, nor economic sense either. You can't have tax cuts and increased spending....Literally idiotic!!!! " -- unknown.


2.7 trillion spent on war which will kill a few hundred US armed forces men is better than spending 50 billion on reconstruction and financing repair from another attack that could kill thousands of US citizens......


Please, don't tell me that our government is sincere and is for people like us and not just the RICH RICH RICH people.

Please, don't tell me that you really believe Iraq has WMD.

Please, don't tell me that you believe Iraq has a link with 9/11.

Please, don't tell me that you believe Iraq war is about war on TERROR.

Please, don't tell me that you believe we are benefiting from this war.

Please, don't tell me that you believe America is liberating in Iraq.

Please, don't tell me that we have had significant progress since we first invaded Iraq.

Please, don't tell me that you believe in those lies 'HE' has been telling you.

Please, don't tell me that 'keep the people scared' tactic has worked on you.

I think I should have started this thread differently. You know just posting "Bush's $2.77 Trillion Budget Plan Calls for Medicare Cuts" and the link to the news. I'm pretty sure some of ya'll would have answered it differently.


Well, then tell me do 'WE' have $2.7 Trillion to spend?


like half of the budget is in mandatory services like medicare/social security etc...this money isnt for 'defending' america. It is for making America run.


I can, but I won't to save my breath on something you don't understand.

Medicaid did not get cut. They just lower the growth rate a bit...meaning they are still getting MORE money than last year....happy?


But it seems like a lot of people do not realize that.

What is America to protect when the well functional society has already collapsed?

Spending money on homeland security is, of course, neccessary, but not when it hurts the people within the society.

Remember the rich powerful guys are not the one to feel the effects, but it would us, people like us who have to pay for a decision of one man (or one group).


Happy? ....not really....I still don't know how an average American should pay off the old debt in the first period of the war and now the possible $2.7 trillion on top of that. AND yet, we haven't seen any progress in project the money was dumped on. Not to mention that 'the project' doesn't have anything to do with the ORIGINAL reason why we should be fighting terrorists.

The guy, the mastermind, Osama is still walking, ya know?

To me, it is more of 'Ef ya'll victims and the family. We just want to use ya'll as the stepping stone to get what we want.'


You truly feel there has been zero progress in Iraq? Seriously?


You may be shocked by this but many of us believe the primary, and possibly only reason, for government to exist is to protect its people and allow them to flourish if they work hard.

This means money SHOULD go to the military , law enforcment and other emergency services operations. The reason for this is simple...if you are fighting for your life every day, it doesnt really open up many chances to build, invent and so forth.

It also means that government shouldnt be funding people's laziness. The government does not owe you medical care every time you stub a toe. The government does not need to fund every dope's silly project. We also should not feel any obligation to pour money into every other country's coffers because we feel guilty.

I for one say spend as much as you need to in order to keep America safe and free. Doing it at the expense of all these other absurd social programs is an added bonus.


VERY good point.