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How many of you follow advertising and copy obsessively?

As a future business owner, a tough old broad from Atlanta once told me, one of the three responsibilities I have in owning my own company is marketing.

When I go to Taco Bell, I look at how they use the same three basic ingredients (Tortilla shell, Beef, Cheese) for over 15-25 options. Companies who figure out a way to do this are ingenious because it cuts costs, gives customers the feeling of having an option, all while serving the same dish all day long. Including Men's Health...

I know there men on T-Nation that read Men's Health, do not try to deny it. It is true. However, I would like to show you something very interesting I picked up the other day when I focused on Men's Health advertising/copy.




Six-pack Abs!

Gain Muscle, Lose Pounds


lol pics and it did happen...


So, don't be fooled. Men's Health is a good at advertising and copy, but their loyalty to health may be subject.


It took me a few minutes, but I think I finally see the common link between them.

What is....male celebrities that Brother Chris is crushing on?


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I am, I live in all three places. Deer Field, Holcomb, and Garden City.


Very interesting find, but I disagree with the interpretation.

When it comes to fast food "tex mex" (or whatever you want to call it), compare Chipotle versus Taco Bell.

Chipotle offers just a few options, and as a result, are able to turn out some pretty high quality ingredients for a lot less. Taco Bell has 15-25 options (which are constantly changing as they dream up "new" recipes) to Chipotle's 5-7. And really, if you are a bigger guy you're going to spend as much at taco bell getting as much food as a $6 chipotle burrito.

Compare the two companies' performance: Chipotle's stock is up 130% in the last year.. its one of the most valuable food stocks you can buy nowadays, more than twice as much per share than even McDonalds. Taco Bell's parent company, YUM, posted decent gains but nothing like Chipotle.

It's sort of the Good to Great model - following the hedgehog principle, have only 1 trick but do it well. In this case, we're talking about a couple of tricks, but they're always the same.


I can get a whole shit ton more food from taco bell for 6 bucks then chipotles tiny ass burrito. And man fuck chipotle can't stand that place.. like you said 6 ingredients and they all suck.

Freebirds is where its at(not sure where chipotle came from but I knew of freebirds at least a decade before chipotle.. but i'll agree that chipotle did something right compared to other fast food places(taco bell, wendys, etc..) because they spread like wildfire..)
.. of course if you werent exposed to freebirds I guess I can understand chipotles appeal. Freebirds is only in austin and a few scattered around Texas. Much more of a local brand and 100 times better. Like it kills me when I'm in New York and I have to fill a tiny ass burrito with their shit ingredients on a flour tortilla.

That was a bitch fit.. I apologize. I just can't stand chipotle


I actually prefer chipotle to freebirds, but everyone is different.


I kind of want to beleive that someone took the time to edit all those covers to look like theyre all the same. Otherwise it is lazy and pathetic. Could very well be true I guess.


Well, Men's Health found the four groups of articles that work the best, and they have been printing the same articles since about 2005. You can check out their archive of on their website. They do not hide it really, they were "caught" so to speak a few months ago.


Oh, I'm sorry. Did I hurt your feelings? Not sure why you're hating on Taco Bell, especially comparing it to Chipotle. Chipotle is a baby compared to Taco Bell (52% Market Share). How can you disagree with the fact that Taco Bell uses the same three ingredients for 15-25 options? And that it is the same thing for Men's Health, which they have used four basic ingredients to make the magazines for the past five years?


Taco Bell: $6.724 billion
Chipotle: $1.2 billion

Haters gonna hate. Okay. First, smaller companies grow faster. Second, how many times has Taco Bell split? Third, I hope no one listens to you, as of right now Chipotle is a horrible stock to buy, it's running about 1.15-1.30 for every dollar they actually have (I'm going off the little bit I looked at I didn't run a full analysis on their financial documents for this). However, it could go down with full analysis...but, is no where close to being in buying range.

Official Brother Chris (first recommendation on T-Nation) don't buy Chipotle stock.

McDonald's isn't in the same category as Chipotle. And, in Chipotle's category Taco Bell smashes Chipotle.

Haters gonna hate.


Let's do a little math.

6.50 plus tax for 1.5 lb big Chipotle Steak Burrito
1.79 plus tax for 0.5 lb Cheesy Potato Burrito

Chipotle $4.33/lb
Taco Bell $3.58/lb

Empirically Taco Bell provides more bang for your buck when it comes to burritos. Plus more calories, therefore someone's an idiot. Holla!


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I notice with the "Six Pack Abs!" on every issue...I guess if you asked them what's up with that their lawyers would say that they never said they's show you how to get them or anything...they just simply write those words on every cover.
They could easily switch it to "Banana Cheese Monkey Drippings!"