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2.5 Years Progress


Just started posting again, thought I'd put up some more pictures of progress. The first ones are from February of 2007, the after pictures are from within the last week. As I said in another post, I spent a good 6 months of last year making no progress, then I cut down for another couple months. Just started bulking again about a month ago, planning to do it for another 5 or 6 months, then cut back down to play rugby for the spring. Then back to the bulk.

5'10, 197. I was somewhere around 150 in the before pictures.

Before you ask, I don't deadlift.








didn't take a lot of before pictures of the various poses, so besides the leg and relaxed front there's not a whole lot to compare to. But I think those two do a good job of showing the general lack of muscle I had.


good progress mate!


lat spread


Still working on some of the poses, but I thought a full body shot would be good.


Keep it up, man.


I envy your waist. Good job.


Nice quads, keep the progression coming.


Agree with the rest, nice work.

How old are you?


I'm 18.




Impressive improvement on legs, keep it up!


Looking pretty good.

Keep up the work, and you'll be quite impressive.


I honestly think the attitude of the first poster influences how the entire thread turns out.




Really? Listen, I agree, you've made some good progress, especially on your quads. My point was that I've seen other threads where the progress was similar and the person was ripped to pieces.


if prof x. says its good, IT'S GOOD!