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2.5 Years Into Lifting

Hey guys, ive been lifting for about 2.5 years now and wanted some opinions on what to work on/improve. Starting stats: ~170 lbs 6’1". Current: 220 lbs ~18-20% BF. I was mostly just trying to put on weight since I started, without regard to how much fat came along with it. Current goal would be to gain some more lean muscle, but also start to cut down on BF%. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!

I would say you are 18% BF as the maximum of that I would think. Maybe a range of 15-18%.

Pretty good change from your before pictures. Better than most people in my estimation.

I would think focusing on dropping a bit of BF% probably makes sense before trying to add more muscle. I have made the mistake of trying to bulk when starting at too high of a BF%. Maybe try to get down to 12-13% then lean bulk.

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I think youre definitely right. Gaining some more definition first would go a long way. Appreciate the input man!

@njarick614 I agree with @mnben87. Most people underestimate their body fat but you seem to be conservative and pretty spot on. Very nice change. I’m trying to lean up myself but sometimes I don’t think its worth the effort. If you can maintain that level of fitness/bodyfat and continue to put on muscle I would stay the course.

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Sound advice, I appreciate that. Im just so afraid of losing muscle in a cut haha. I know its mostly me just being in my own head, its hard to get over though!

It is mentally hard to lose muscle in a cut. For me it always comes back quick. From what I said above, you are right where I would say is borderline of cutting or gaining. If you can gain without putting much fat on, then maybe go with that. If not maybe cut. Kinda a grey area for you IMO.

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