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2.5 x Body Weight Deadlift

I guess I’m posting this because I’m horrendously weak! I began training 4-5 years ago, didn’t do any squats (of course) or deadlifts. In fact the first ‘program’ I did had me doing flat dumbell presses and biceps curls.

Well I’ve grown up since then and now my aspiration is a 2.5 x bodyweight deadlift. I weigh 90kgs (200lbs) approx so the deadlift I’m shooting for is 225kg (495lbs). The last time I tested my deadlift PR was about 2 months ago and I pulled 200kg. It was then I decided I could stick another 25kg on that by the end of the year.

I set out on my ‘quest’ about 1 month ago with a squat specialisation program that had me training the squat 3 times/week. My squat went up from a pathetic 120kg max triple to a slightly less pathetic 150kg max triple (after recovering for a week). I know that extra quad strength will help. I’ve now finished that and over the last two weeks I concentrated on complex lifts to help my conditioning ready for the next stage…

I’m on that stage now, and its an olympic lifting program. The last time I trained for deadlifting I burnt out straight away and in the past all my PRs in the deadlift have come after olympic stuff, so I’m doing that again. The acid test will be in three weeks where I’m shooting for that 225. I’m going to have my friend come down and photograph the session which I’ll post here. It’ll either be pictures of me gloriously pulling like a madman, or my vertabrae exploding out of my back accross the room. Nice.

So, what are other T-Nation members personal quests?

I remember when my old bench press max was 135lbs. I only weighed 125lbs at the time.

I’ve been working hard for 2 years now. I now weigh 173lbs and my bench press max is up to 250lbs.

Next is to increase my deadlift from the measly 315lbs it is right now.

Good luck with your pull!


[quote]proteus189 wrote:
I remember when my old bench press max was 135lbs. I only weighed 125lbs at the time.

I’ve been working hard for 2 years now. I now weigh 173lbs and my bench press max is up to 250lbs.

Next is to increase my deadlift from the measly 315lbs it is right now.

Good luck with your pull!


Gaining 40lbs of weight and doubling your bench is no mean feat in two years! You know whats devastating? Seeing all the videos of olympic athletes doing C&J with my squat max! And then theres Rezzezzezzzezedah snatching my deadlift max. Devastating but motivating.

I was able in this last year to go from 315 to 450lbs on my bench alone not to metion my other lifts. So a twice body weight bench is something I was working on since only a year ago in college I busted my hump just to get from 315 to 325lbs on bench. I have T-Nation and all its contributors allowed me to realize the error of my ways and educated me. If it wasn’t for T-Nation I would have never made such progress.

I’m 44 and been training since 40, drug free all the way. My Goals:

#1 1000lb powerlifting total.
415lb Deadlift
315lb Squat
265lb Bench

I should get it at my next max effort phase but I kinda want to do it all on one day. Like a one-man powerlifting meet.

#2 Bodyweight (~215lbs) overhead press.
Currently I do a 175lb push press so I think I need to add some olympic style C&J techniques to bring that up to par.

#3 Visible abs.
Currently at about 15% BodyFat. A cutting phase next spring might just get me a six-pack (IF I can stop drinking them!)

#4 Wild monkey sex with Angelina Jolie.
Currently… In my dreams.

Hey 3 out of 4 ain’t bad!

My present goals are (1) bodyweight snatch, and (2) 300lb clean and jerk. I weigh 230 lbs. I have a long way to go. But, the weights are creeping up every week. Have been training power cleans and power snatch for 10 months now. Have been training squat snatch and squat C&J for two months, and recently found a coach.

Great Post! It helps a lot to write your Goals down.

My current 3 Goals are;

  1. A bodyweight of 220lbs, currently 205ish.

  2. A Deadlift of 585lbs. currently 545 for 2.

  3. A Bench Press of 405. Currently 345 for 3.

  1. To wake up pain free, rehab all my nagging injuries, and get some mobility back.
  2. Drop back down to a lean 198 and pull triple bw in a contest.
  3. Bench press without pain so I can shirt up again.
  4. Graduate College.

I am beat the fuck up. I am only 22 and I live in pain. I wouldn’t recommend PL gear to anyone who is not ready to hurt.


My Powerlifting goals for april (before i turn 20) all at 275

2400 lb. total
1000 lb. squat
700 lb. bench
700 lb. deadlift

I like to set my goals high but this is still reachable for me. Especially that grand squat…Would be the first by a teenager.

Currently training to exceed the following PRs. DL - 650, hi bar SQ - 505 X 3, PC - 290 which I did in 1975! LOL…
Haven’t trained power clean since then but after a month back doing them I suprised myself with 260 X 7. Shades of George Frenn. Guess I’m reverting to my childhood.

My longshot goal is to DB-BP a pair of 150s X 1.
I wanted my power clean to keep up with my training partner who is on schedule to pull 305 in a couple weeks but SHE is going to beat me for sure due to my technique issues that must be addressed.

Oh yeah, one more thing.
These PLers today with their exo-skeleton attire and grossly inflated totals have NOTHING on the legends like Kuc, Cole, Frenn, Kaz, Estep and a whole bunch of others from that era.
When I see some rotund performer all geared up to “squat” 1100, shirt up a 900 “BP”, and sumo 600 with his legs spread like some slut on a Gonzo porn site I am not real impressed. Even Becca Swanson pulls a real Deadlift.

To get back over a 500 DL and 500 Squat and to keep my should intact at the trooper academy since I have had subluxations for most of jr high - college. those are my goals

Try not to train the deadlift for weaks on end, work on the weak points and deadlift every other week or so

But that is their choice in their federation to use that equipment. Either way, its still impressive.

My goals are seeming a little meagre in the light of 700lb squats and such. Well Rome wasn’t built in a day. I finished playing hockey in March and decided I wanted to become a weightlifter or powerlifter so in reality the weight room has only been more than GPP for 6-7 months. That’s my excuse for being weak and I’m sticking to it!

If anyone has pics of them achieving/not achieving their goals stick them up here, that’d be cool as hell.