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2.5 Wks In, Can I Get Some Advice?

Hi everyone ,Â

I have spent a few days reading through the TRT forum and have to say its just brilliant, such a mine of information!Â

I did however want to seek a little more information, just to reassure myself I guess.

Long story short …

30yr old guy, not overweight, struggle with lethargy ,brainfog , libido for approx ten years. Original diagnosis depression (even though no other symptoms). Tried anti-ds and they made things much worse. Just got on and dealt with it all this time the best I could. Recently investigated testosterone issues because of Low libido. All the symptoms fitted to a tee. Testosterone, free, e2 etc tested and test came in low normal 350 - e2 , free were fine. Eventually convinced doc to work with me and see if bringing level up could alleviate symtoms.

The worst for me is the brainfog - has sometimes got so bad it is very dangerous to drive

Have been using  androderm patches (I know most of you guys are on needles not patches) for 2.5 weeks now.

Over the last two weeks I have already noticed and improvement in mood and brain fog. My libido has also risen significantly.

My mood as a rule has been up, with the odd day down (almost like hormones trying to find balance)

What I am worried about though is how dog tired (and very relaxed ) I am. I am totally exhausted and are basically looking for reassurance that this is normal and par for the course.

I know it is theoretically early days but i was  just hoping to hear from others that may have experienced something similiar.

Can I expect to gain some energy soon ? Do most people experience something similiar?Â

Or…is it likely my extreme brainfog was never caused by low t in the first place!?

Thanks in advance …again… For your help

Get your thyroid tested. TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3 and thyroid antibodies. Many hypothyroid symptoms mirror low T symptoms, especially the brain fog and fatigue. An AM Cortisol test would be a good idea as well to check adrenal function. Read the stickies they have a lot of good information.

Most I have talked too didn’t start feeling the results of their TRT until the 5-6th week really.

Post all labs and ranges.

Low T is often compounded by or caused by low thyroid levels or adrenal fatigue.

Patches are about the most costly option.

If you have low dopamine, you might do well with [generic] Wellbutrin.

Sleeping disorders?

Read the stickies, that is your best action at this point.