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2.5 % Progression Problems


Hi there,

I am a new member to the T-Nation forum and it is really good!

Especially Chad Waterbury's programms are really kickin'ass!

MY question is related to Chads recommondations on progression.

He suggest in all programms an increase in load about 2.5% each week.

But i wonder how that is possible.

When f.ex. I do dumbbell pressin for chest with 40kg each hand-the progression next week should be about 1 kg for each dumbbell.
But as you all know the dummbells in the gym only go upward about 2.5kg.
mean 42.5 45 47.5etc.

The same problem you get with curling.

Even with the bench press-there are no plates f.ex. with 0.54kg available in the gym.

The smalles plates (i bought-there exisits NO lighter loads in the shops!!!)) are 1.25kg plates and even they are too heavy for the 2.5% progressions in most cases.

I wonder how you guys are managing this problem.

Thanx for ANY answer on this topic!

best regards,






Welcome to the forum!

I use "fractional plates" or "plate mates." You can add as little as 1/4lb. This helps when you are attempting to add weight through the years.

Check it out!



Plate mates I think they are called. Basic weighted nagnets. ironwoody's.com has them.

Hope that helps.


You can always go to your hardware store and purchase washers. Put then on a string and tada!


Thank you VERY much guys for the fast(!!!) reply.
But what are washers? (sorry i am austrian)

Do this sites also exists in germany,austria? Any clue?

Thank you very!- I appreciate it!!!!

science =)