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2.5 Months Progress. What Should I Focus On? 30/6'1"/198lbs

It is a long story but I have researched AAS/PED most of my adolescent and adult life. Even though it was admittedly premature and motivated by external factors, I have been running a Var/Test E cycle. 10 weeks in as of 5/15. Gonna take it to at least 16 weeks. PCT in place.
Had some missteps with training, injury, and illness, but I am back on track training 5-6 days week.
My starting weight was about 186-190 lbs. BF measured around 20%. Now coming in at 198-200lbs . BF says 14-17%. Some days I look heavy/soft others The 6 pack is somewhat visible.
I have upped my Calories recently as my weight was stagnating.

Where do we go from here? I have about 6-8 weeks" enhanced’ to train. I do plan to cut 5-10lbs with a keto diet at the end of it.
I appreciate any feedback.
These photos start from the end of February to last week…

Feb precycle

Few weeks in (March)

Last week(may)

Good progress, but why plan keto at the end? Just continue with the balanced diet that got you this point while reducing your macros accordingly for a cut.


I heard over at YouTube University that the high protein diet while in ketosis would help retain the gains.

What should I do about my hip situation? I feel that is where my proportions are off. I think the cut will help but should I do more obliques work?

No! If you have wide hips like me there’s nothing you can do about your bones. Doing more oblique will just widen your waist. Bracing, carries, and maybe some planks for obliques are most likely all that you’ll need.

As for keto, well any diet as long as you have enough protein and are training hard/heavy enough will make you keep the gains.

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You look great overall, possibly more back work but it may be your posing