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2.5 Month Workout to Get you Strong Quick

This is a repost with lower body lifts included

Bench workout for High School aged students:
First…make sure you eat…alot!

Bench Press example:

the goal of this example is to warm-up, then go after the heavy weight first- to failure (helped reps don’t count).

If you do 7 or more reps with the heaviest weight then the following bench workout you move up 10lbs for every set.

Results vary but may look similar to this:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 etc.
warm-up warm-up warm-up warm-up warm-up
225x6 225x7 235x5 235x7 245x4
215x8 215x9 225x7 225x7 235x4
215x7 215x6 225x6 225x6 235x4
195x10 195x9 205x9 205x9 215x7

Do this workout with your weight amounts:

Monday Wed Friday or Tues Thurs Friday

(take 4min at least for rest in between sets.)

There will be workouts where you perform badly there will be weeks where your bench continues to climb.

Teenagers can get away with this due to the increased hormone production. I benched 440lb at 17yrs old following this program from December 97-March-98. I tried this program again at the age of 25 and platued within 2 weeks…it’s amazing what age does to you!


3x a week same weight same reps then move up 15-20lbs the following week.

Week 1 week 2 week 3 week 4
300x5 320x5 340x5 360x5
300x5 320x5 340x5 360x5
320x5 340x5 360x5 380x5
320x5 340x5 360x5 380x5

Dead lift goes exactly the same

I have been using this template with a 15 year old. His bench increased from 160x6 to 200x7 within 3 ½ weeks (workout was done 3x a week) We have switched it up for the next two weeks to work on getting more volume in.

Once you hit 4 weeks or so I suggest switching it up (for only 2 weeks)

Bench: Drop 30lbs and approach it with the same thought of going to failure and hitting 7 rep goal, but the 2nd and 3rd weights are 20lbs less then the 1st set rather than 10lbs like the bench press mentioned above.

As for the squats? switch to front squats.
Then dead lifts switch to cleans (from floor)
(Same sets/reps scheme)

Repeat the 1st half after this 2 week change so the workout total 2.5 months

Try it out and stick to it. No need to wasted time and energy doing the small assistant lifts during this phase. You have more than enough time to get that in when you get off this program.

This is a suggestion. It worked for me; it is working for my clients. I know some are you are going to hate on this. Keep an open mind with your training