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2.5 Month Update - 5'2 - 155lbs


It's been about two and a half months. I went from 145-155. I'm 5'2 and plan to reach 165-170 by late January or February. Abs are still somewhat visible. Just going to take it slow. Just want feedback on my physique. Thanks a lot!


Seems like a decent build, but 150-170lbs by February will make you literally obese. That's way too fast. You're already at the point of getting soft. Can't enhance your body's muscle growth potential just by throwing more food at it. Unfortunately.

But you've got a good base. If I were you, I'd clean up the diet and work on weak points and getting stronger.


Thanks for the feedback. I'm not going to put a specific date on it. I'm just going to slow bulk until I feel like I need to stop. Then I'm thinking about staying there for a good amount of months, or maybe even a year before I decide to cut. Just stay at that weight and get stronger.


Faital looking pretty good from this angle esp shoulders/upper arms imo

any back shots, legs?

take it SLOW-no rush my friend its all about the long game. You look "athletic" but a much higher BF will take you into a soft zone