2,5 Kilo Interval at Dumbells to Much - How to Solve?

I once read about some magnetics weight you could add to/put on your dumbells, so you could increase 1-1½kg instead of the “big” jumb 2,5kg.

Does anyone know what i’m talking about, if you do… can you please link me a place, where i can buy these magnets weights to dumbells?

Regards Xiva


Google, dude.

You can get micro-plates which can be as light as 0.125kg. I’m not sure about the magnetic ones, I’ve seen ones that fit an Olympic bar though.

Duct tape and fishing sinkers do fine as well.


A cheaper alternative is weighted gloves. You can pick them up at various weights for pretty cheap.

Use staps to hold a 1.25 disc plus DB,
works for me!