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2.5% Increment


I have a question for you guys. How do you work around the 2.5% increment on the smaller lift like BB biceps curl or the skull crusher (without bringing you own plates)?

My gym only one 5 lbs increment on DBs and 2.5 lbs increment on plates.



I do take my own plates, in my case 2 x 0.625kg (~1.25lb) even I'm strong enough to carry them to the gym!


"Iron Woody" has reduced the price of their incremental weight set down to $50. You get a pair of 1/2's, a pair of 3/4's, and so on.


What do guys do when they don't have the smaller plates? I am sure guys have progressed without using platemates.


There are a couple guys where I work out that used some string and some metal washers to make their own weights to add to BBs. They only needed about 4 different sets to make up to 2 lbs of additional weight.

They had a .5 lb, 3/4 lb and (2) 1 lb.

The cost was only a few bucks since they already had a food scale to measure the washers with.


I'll either use the same weight and go for an extra rep or two, or I'll stick with a certain weight until it feels easier, and then make an increase.


Thanks. I have always had problems figuring out how to progress when using dumbells on little lifts like laterals because the weight is so small that 2.5% of it is a ridiculously small amount of weight.


I would buy and bring my own plates, but I am afraid people will take it when am working on 2 lifts. Some newer members might think it's belong to the gym or something.



That's what I've doing, but I want to really try out the 2.5% increment rule. So, I think I am going find a similar way to the washer weight posted above to go with this.

Thanks guys!