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2-3 Yr Old Ground Flax Seed, Bad?


I just found a bag of ground flax seed that must be about 2-3 years old in the back of my pantry. It is completely sealed, but I am wondering does flax seed go bad? There is no expiration date on the bag. Thanks.


anything with oil (fat) can go bad. i'd say chances are its bad.


unless vaccumm sealed, chuck it

fats + air + time = rancid


Ground flax goes bad very fast.


I keep my ground flax sealed and refridgerated and try to use it within roughly a week.


Perfect. I'm sure it lasts more than a week, but flax is cheap and easy to grind, so you might as well use stuff that's fresh. You can get seeds for like 1.29 a pound at whole foods.


Well, I say 'roughly a week' but I honestly don't know how long I leave it.

It has an interesting smell, almost fishy...


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The fats will certainly be rancid. Toss it.

Whole seeds can last a long time if kept in the freezer.