2-3 Years Post Cycle, Long Term Damage. Restart Natural Test Levels?

Looking for a bit of genuine help!

Long story short, around 2/3 years ago I was hitting the gym hard for 8-9 months and got in decent shape (I’m 23 now) I ended getting offered test 250, which I took maybe 30/40 ml of over a couple cycles, and did Dianabol once to start for 2 weeks regular dosage, I never used a post cycle as I was clueless back then and had no idea, was young and dumb, Iv not touched any of these for 2-3 years, over the years Iv never felt my sex drive has ever been the same and can have get it as hard as I use to! I’m wondering… can I take something to restart my natural test, I have no idea really about names and what stuff is, want to give something a try to try get my balls back to normal and get back to good natural sex drive… can anyone help?


Don’t take anything blindly. Get a set of labs done. Its worth the money to know whats causing your symptoms. TT, FT, E2, FSH, LH, SHBG to capture male hormones. CBC w/lipid and CMP if you want to be more comprehensive. Any prior thyroid issues?

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Yeh going to get blood tests done, as I said I really don’t know much about the whole thing or what to take or what abbreviation means haha! But no other problems at all just feel like maybe Iv not fully recovered or balls are 100% back producing test there selfs ,


Just bring the list I sent to your doc and say I want to test for “these” lol. You need all of the male hormones tested at a minimum.

TT - total test
FT - free test
E2 - estradiol the main estrogen
FSH - follicle stimulating hormone
LH - luteinizing hormone
SHBG - sex hormone binding globulin

Here’s a list of what blshaw posted but in a form you can print and take with you or save to your phone.

Be sure to add LH & FSH to the list if you aren’t on T currently.

As others have said, you must do lab testing to see your current levels.
Once you have a baseline, you will know what is the problem.
If you only need a restart of your natural Testosterone, the drug of choice is a SERM.
I recommend Fareston (Toremifene), you’ll need to find a doctor that can work with you on this.
1/4 tab every 4 days for one month would recover you if the problem is low LH.

Many will tell you to use Clomid. Stay away from it. Most people feel awful on it because it is very estrogenic due to the Zuclomiphene isomer. There is Enclomiphene available now, but honestly Fareston is the best available.

Thanks for that! Is there no where to buy it at all, or only doctor prescribed ? Thanks!

Always go with a prescription from a doctor. You need an actual pharmacy to order it.
You can’t trust online research chemicals. You should research the Fareston and print out some info to share with your doctor. You can also try showing him Clomid studies to explain that it is in the same exact class of medication, but without the terrible side effects of Clomid.