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2.3% Alcohol Beer=Different?


I went to a party last night and bought some Beck's Premier Light. 64 calories in it and 2.3% alc. by volume. I was wondering how to interpret this. I'm pretty sure that less alcohol is better, but I was wondering where does this rank as compared to other beers. I'm not sure what the standard acohol % is in beer, but I'm thinking it's somewhere around 4%.

Anyway, does this mean that 2 of these is equal to one regular beer with 4.6% or does it not work that way. Although I don't plan to tear up a case or anything, I was just wondering where something this low would stand in the rules of what constitutes one drink. Thanks.


What ya got on your hands there is near-beer. Real beer is around 5-6% alcohol.

The silliness you have is what they sell in Utah, and for some reason I think you used to be able to bu it in some states at age 18.

There is no reason for this stuff to exist; you cannot get a decent buzz off it at all and it tastes like watered-down piss.

From now on, drink Guiness.


That is some of the nastiest beer ever. 2.3% alcohol is all your getting from one beer. It doesn't multiply by each number of beer you drink. IMO the more calories and the higher the alcohol % the beer is usually a lot better. I am not talking about Magnum or Steel Reserve either. Did you make this beer choice because of the calorie content?


I made the choice because I am trying to cut back on alcohol consumption. I enjoy doing the party thing on the weekend and was looking for something alcoholic that would be the least damaging to my training routine. I figured a beer that is 2% by volume would fit this criteria. I was just wondering how the whole "binge drinking = more than 4 beers" fell into the equation for something like this. Not necesarilly the bing drinking thing in itself, but just if I was along the right lines in thinking that two of these is about the equivalent to one Budweiser or similar beer.


if you are that worried, i'd just stay away from alcohol completely, believe me you ain't missing out on shit!
p.s. just my humble opinion.