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Forumites: T-Rev here, who rarely posts, but lurks often. Wanted to share a little success story with TC’s 2+2=7 article (T-Mag 248) & crow a bit. The times were propitious, so I bought my first bottle of MAG-10, brought out an unopened container of Surge & set to work doing what the article said. I followed the given workouts (except I never did the pullups; after the barbell rowing, there was nothing left to do pullups with). I rarely met the 402 tempos, but I always lifted slowly, with strict control & form. As for diet, I got in an average of 2165 calories a day, very isocaloric. I managed about 200 g of protein per day. I took MAG-10 once a day, one serving of Surge during & post-workout, & supplemented with creatine & a multivitamin. I missed the very last workout & my diet suffered a couple of days due to a sinus infection.

The results: an overall gain of 6 lbs, 5 of them LBM (%BF by caliper remained the same). I gained a half inch on each arm & my chest. I gained a full inch on each thigh. (BTW, I’m 42 & have been lifting for 2 1/2 years.) Kudos to T-Mag!

Nice work, T-Rev!

Good stuff to hear. I’m amazed that you were able to do that on just 2165 calories a day also, since those are low dieting numbers for many of us.

Anyway, congratulations. It just goes to show you that the writers here actually know what they are talking about and that sometimes you just need to take an article at face value and do what it says and then you will succeed.

Thanks, Chris, for your comments.

Jason: yes, my calories are low, but I seem not to have a metabolism. I’ve tried several T-Mag diets over the last couple of years, & in every case I’ve found I have to drop the total calories substantially to lose weight & can gain weight on a lot less than what is recommended. Go figure. It saves money at the supermarket, though.

And, fer sure, the T-editors know what they’re talking about. If people would just do what they’re told & follow instructions, say “yes, sir,” & get on with it, they might make better progress.