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2/13 Powerful Image


anyone else think it's rather "weak"?


Yeah, first i did, but I know that you'd never get me on rollerblades moving that fast. So I think its ok.


This would make a pretty good powerful image, because its something that most people would never do. As fast as those guys go, most people would never attempt it. You just don't see it as easily in that pic as you do with Heinz Zak hanging off the rock face.


Damn...that guy's got some brass juevos.


How is your quad development compared to that second cat?


lol, now that did cross my mind.

but, there's just something about men in spandex on rollerblades that doesn't scream "powerful" to me.



I was hoping the pic would elicit some discussion of how speed skaters have phenomenal quad development.

And hell, I thought it was timely. Chad just won a gold medal, after all.


I thought this image was a refreshing change. Those quads are amazing.


Speed skaters have some of the biggest upper leg development in sports. Take a look at some photos when you get a chance.

And these are legs of a woman!



Absolutely agree with you.


Dan Jansen


Dan Jansen #2