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2,000 Calorie Diet


Does anyone have a good meal plan that can be followed for about two months based on a 2,000 calorie intake? I just need ideas to add to mines. I also had another question, Is Whole milk better than skim milk to burn fat?


Why and no.


6 Metabolic Complete Shakes per day and 15 caps of Flameout...


After checking your 5 other posts, I find that you are a diabetic, you train for the pump and you want abs.

This is your third thread about this. If you want reasonable answers, you will need to provide a little more info. Present diet and training plan, years training, goals, reasons for wanting to keep the diet at 2000 cals, etc. We all like to help, but walking in a room and yelling "What should I do?" will not get you the answers you want.

Start a post with "This is me and this is what I do now." Then end it with "This is where I want to get. Can you help me figure out how?" Might include what you have been doing since your first thread in mid-May.

Oh, and by the way, milk is not good for dieting at all. Too much sugar. It's great for bulking, though.



i just needed a little sample, then from their i could figure out the rest. I'm just in a hurry for a photoshoot, haha, gotta have the package.


the search engine is a mighty thing, type in Berardi for starters


You don't have a package?
That sucks how did you loose it? No wait, I don't want to know.


Oh and if you want answers then give us info, don't just say "I want abs for a photoshoot," that's not any information.



Wait... didnt whoever is shooting look at you first? I've never done a photoshoot, nor do I have any interest in one... but I'd imagine they'd make sure whoever they're taking pictures of looks like what they want.