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1x5+ Set on Greyskull

There is one thing i did not really understand on greyskull program, how can you actually get more than 5 reps on your third rep if you always push yourself to the limit? For example i can only get for a certain weight on the bench press two sets of five and on the 3rd 1x5+ set i get only 4 reps, what do i do next? Since i only failed on the amrap set.

Btw new to powerlifting so don’t kill me if this sounds stupid :grin:

Use a lighter weight.

you say i should deload it for my next workout? drop it by 10 precent and build the weight up again? or try to get 5 reps+ for the next two workouts and only if fail 3 workout in a row then i should deload

Sounds like you’re probably using a little to heavy a load. Just lower it where first 2 sets are easier and rep out 3rd

It’s not just to get lots of reps on 3rd set if the program called for 3x5 with no extra reps and you are getting 5,5,4 that should tell you the load is a bit high.

It sounds like you are not using the correct progression model.

You start with a weight you can hit a good 8 to 10 times then add 5lbs to your deadlift/squat each session and 2.5lbs to your bench/press after that.

For example, your squat over three weeks may look like this:

Week 1, Day 1: 5x250; 5x250; 8x250
Week 1, Day 2: 5x255; 5x255; 7x255

Week 2, Day 1: 5x260; 5x260; 9x260
Week 2, Day 2: 5x265; 5x265; 6x265

Week 3, Day 1: 5x270; 5x270: 6x270
Week 3, Day 2: 5x275; 5x275; 5x275

If you can’t hit 5 reps in the last set, then you drop the weight 10% in the next session and start again or move to a more advanced Greyskull program.

Thank you for the explanation! What happens i fail again after the 10 precent deload? Should i move to another program? I have acutally already hit a wall at 67.5 kg with bench press, its really low weight and i my self weigh about 76 kg so i dont think muscle mass is the problem.

I am saying to use lighter weight.

I think he’s saying just lower the weight significantly and build back up on the sets. It’s ok tos tart light and slowly increase.

I recommend you read the article “Intermediate Syndrome” by Johnny Pain to find to find answers to some of these questions.

If you weigh 76kg and are new to powerlifting then gaining some muscle mass will definitely help increase your lifts. Unless you are a midget who just quit bodybuilding.