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1x100% TM During Deload Question

During the deload, do you use the 1 rep for 100% with the TM you just did the previous cycle or the TM for the cycle you’re about to do?

It is for the current cycle that you have just completed.

  1. If you know your TM is good, hit your existing TM for 1 rep and increase it 5 or 10 pounds for anchor.
  2. If you need a TM test (not sure if you are ready to increase your TM) hit your current TM for 5 reps.

How did those 5 reps feel?

Excellent! I had 10 more in me! = increase TM 5 or 10 pounds for anchor.
Like Shit - my 5th rep struggled, I barely squeaked out that turd of a rep = keep same TM or lower it for anchor.

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Than I have another question.

During a Leader, I’m going to do 5’s PRO with either 3x5@SSL or FSL. Since I’ll be doing 3 sets I can bump the intensity up right? So I’ll do SSL instead of FSL (My main lift and supplemental lift are on different days, so I won’t be doing 6 sets of squats a day).

Would this be the same for the Anchor, wich would be PR sets? Or will I lower intensity during that phase and raise volume, so 3x8@FSL?

The concept of an Anchor is that they are a period of time devoted to hitting PR’s, involve a decrease in overall barbell work, and an increase in assistance work. In my mind that equates to an increase in intensity and a decrease in volume. An Anchor is supposed to show how effective your training was in your Leader.

I would say for your Leader do 3X5 @ SSL and then in your Anchor do 3X5 @FSL. Generally I don’t think you do FSL sets for over 5 reps unless your running the Simplest Strength Template, running BBB @ FSL, or doing Widowmakers.

Regardless, by the time you hit your Anchor you the focus is on PR setting so 3x8 or 3x5 isn’t a really significant difference. If you are adhering to the core principles of 5/3/1 you will be fine.

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