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1st Workout Ever With Suits(PR)

today i got my titan fury bench shirt and viking metal squatter v-type suit. I decided to try it at the gym.

today i did 250-130-210 at bw 94kg, a total of 590kg.

my goal is the nationals in february. I have not yet entered a meet.

here is the link. all constructive comments welcome.


go down and click free, then wait 30 sec for download ticket to clear.

  • stay strong, stallion.

ps - all lifts were a new PR.

Stallion -

Don’t take this too hard, as it is your first workout in the suit. Remember, though, that poly suits are made for REBOUND.

In your squat your descent is very slow; I’m assuming you were just feeling it out. As long as you can descend fast while staying tight, I think you can get a lot more out of the suit.

In the pull, you are in the bottom position FOREVER. Since you roll the bar back into you it’s not as bad, but you can’t possibly get a big breath and then hang out for that long. Get a big breath, go down, grip and rip!

Keep posting so we can see how you progress in the gear.

Stay strong

thanks a lot for the feedback, which i will take into consideration. It is an honour to be commented by such a knowledgeable man as Mike Robertson.

yes, the squat suit was very tight, so i was feeling it out, as it was my first workout ever with the suit.

more speed i something i’ve have to work on. also i will take into consideration the deadlift technique. will i be able to lift more if i just plainly grip and rip as you refer to? As i have also seen very strong deadlifters who roll it like i do…

  • stay strong, stallion

would my deadlift be a legal competition lift ?

i have not yet entered a meet, so would be nice to get the input from someone knowledgeable. would be a pitty to be redlighted on my first meet because of technique!

Your deadlift would be fine; no worries there.

With the pull, it’s not the matter of you pulling it into your thighs. Instead, think about how long you are in the “pre-pull” position. You are down low for like 15 or 20 seconds, and it’s impossible to get full air because the lungs are already compressed.

Just something to think about bro; it takes a while to get used to the suits, but you’ll love 'em once you get it dialed in!

Stay strong

I agree with Mike you totally are down in your deadlift way to long totally negating the stretch reflex. Your deadlift most definitely would have gotten 3 whites though. Keep training hard looks like you are in a great gym