1st week on trt?

whats with the water rentention?

Maybe your arms got longer and your hands are just further away?


bump. it looks like im getting fatter?

Oh lord this is gonna be a fun one …… behave 150 behave lol :slight_smile:


Testosterone build up your muscles, bones and makes you look leaner. The rise in estrogen is redistributing the fat accumulation.

Intracellular water is filling up your muscles which can happen fairly quickly, but muscle mass increases will take longer than 3 days.

You may be experiencing some fluid retention in the mid section and this should subside within the first 3 months.

That is a low concentration of gel and may not be enough to sustain you beyond a month.

Topicals should be dosed twice daily due to the very short half-life.

Can you post a picture holding a shoe for reference?

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Either that, or he started developing WhopperJuniorHandenosis

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Take this serious!! My lawyer’s hands shrank so much he had to get a pair of fake, big hands so he didn’t look strange.



really you actually find this funny ? just because someone said they are appearing smaller than normal? got to say you dont have a very good sense of humor im pretty sure you would laugh at childrens drawings LOL

Yes, as do 3 other individuals in this thread so far.

iM oN dAy ThReE oF tRt, NoW i GoT tRuMp HaNdZ

Yes, I would laugh at these drawings if they depicted someone with completely normal hands thinking they randomly got smaller.



Friend, it’s only funny because it’s very nonsensical. TRT cannot do any of the things you listed and certainly not in such short order (3 days). It can bloat you up but again, not that fast.

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your missing the point in the past week of beening on this for 7 days ive notived if anything a gain in water weight and fat rather than muscle. im pretty sure youre on trt for reasons to enhance your body too. i wouldnt be insulting people with a display picture like that. i see you blurred your face out too looool probbly for the best. legit you must have the brain of a girl in grade 9 because the way you carry yourself in the comments really backs that up… ive read your other posts.

day 3 i noticed gain in fat or water deffinitley no masculinity gains. ive been on it a week and ive gained 12 pounds

Okay, so when you inject Testosterone - your estrogen will raise a good bit too. When that happens, you will gain water weight, AKA bloating. If you’re ballooning up to some absurd degree (State Puff Marshmallow Man type), then you’re having an issue worth noting… that’s not how your post reads to me.

Furthermore… if you think you will notice appreciable muscle mass gain in 1 week, then you’re thoroughly uneducated as to 1) what you are taking and 2) how you are training.

Yeah, you’re probably right. At least I don’t have Whopper Junior hands tho :man_shrugging:

I guess now is the point where I should ask for you to post a physique picture, since you have chosen to forego putting yourself out there. Although, I understand if you choose to blur out your hands due to their size.


That’s a LOT in such short order. I don’t know near as much about topical protocols but I think I would be speaking to my provider.


It’s water weight and I don’t normally hear of much water weight on topicals.

There aren’t many members on topicals, most are on injections because it offers more control.

i dont know those hands in your picture are looking pretty soft my dude… looking like you are retaining a good amount of water all over. maybe listen to your own advice?

Seems sus.

I take it that’s a “no” on the physique picture? Good talk.

i think hes triggered? i thought my phands were looking like they had excess estrogen than i saw your pic ?!

His biceps look bigger than my calf muscles and looks like he could bench press several men stacked on top of each other.

I certainly wouldn’t pick a fight with him.

I have excess estrogen (Total T 1052 ng/dL) and my body is thriving.

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