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1st Week on TRT Question (28 Years Old)

After one week on trt, injecting 62.5mg twice per week, I’ve increased my energy marginally and am overall happy due to it only being a short time period.

My question is on my second injection of the flute, quadrant 2, blood came out after injecting. It wasn’t much but there were 5 or 6 big drops. I didn’t cough afterwards, and I don’t have any pip other than a faint dull pain if I press the spot. Did I inject into a blood vessel or merely cross one getting to the muscle? Is this something to worry about? Do you aspirate the glutes?

For reference here are my levels before I started. I don’t know what was wrong with me but I was low on energy and had brain fog.

Testosterone (Total): 14.7 nmol/L (this is 424ng/dL, last year I was at 565 ng/dL and this is the only metric that was tested)
SHBG: 33 nmol/L
FAI: 44.5 %
Free Testosterone: 301 pmol/L
FSH: 2.1 IU/L
LH: 1.5 IU/L
Oestradiol: <50 pmol/L

Supposed ranged according to the test
Testosterone (Total): None given (isn’t that interesting?)
SHBG: 15 - 50 nmol/L
FAI: 15 - 100 %
Free Testosterone: 260 - 740 pmol/L
FSH: 1 - 12 IU/L
LH: 0.6 - 12 IU/L
Oestradiol: <160 pmol/L

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