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1st week of TRT. When to Start Anastrozole?

Hey Everyone,

I began my journey into TRT and taking 1ML of Test Cyp every week. I’m working with a wellness company that provides me with everything I need.

I began my Journey last week on Thursday and they had recommended .5 of Anastrozole Monday and Thursday evenings. I’m a bit curious on this as if my memory is good, it should only be used when symptoms of high E2, correct? They’re telling me to start taking it today.

Wouldn’t I be potentially bringing on Low E2 side effects if I’m taking 1mg a week of Anastrozole and having no symptoms? Or am I thinking about this incorrectly?

My last reading week before my first dose: Estradiol 27.6 pg/mL
Roche ECLIA methodology

I appreciate any guidance. Thanks!

Nearly everyone here will tell you not to take the AI.


Correct, especially since you do not even know where your testosterone and estradiol levels are and it is too early to check. However, even if high I would leave it unless high E2 symptoms are troublesome.

You’re correct, could crash E2.

1 mL is a volume, not a dose BTW. How many mg are in that 1mL? And just put the anastrozole in a drawer for now and forget about it. You’ll be adjusting for a while.

200 mg per ML. That’s exactly what I’m going to do as when I saw the instructions I scratched my head knowing I was going to potentially crash my E2.

I’ll wait to see if I have any E2 issues and adjust from there. Thanks everyone!

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You don’t man. Most probably if your protocol is fine you will not need it. 27 estradiol is even low

This dude is right. AI crashed my e2 every time. Wait until bloodwork says your e2 is high, if that even happens.