1st Week of Base Cycle on Smolov Necessary?

[quote]Chris Colucci wrote:

[quote]jjackkrash wrote:
OP, what is your current 1RM on squat, bench, and deadlift, and what is your current weight and age? How long have you been seriously training?[/quote]
From this kid’s thread a month ago:

"I’m 16 and I play football I’m 140 lbs and want to get up to 200lbs but without losing my awesome speed and the way I understand it slow twitch for mass and fast twitch for strength. I want to put ON mass but still be filled with fast twitch muscle fibers for strength. I eat healthy all the time.

I just started lifting this year I can bEnch 120-130- goal 220 can squat 180-200 goal 320 can deadlift 180-200 goal 320 I can do chi ups with about 50-60 extra pounds."

Dude, you were given good advice in several threads over the past month because you said your goals were to gain size and improve your football. Smolov is a solid program, primarily for strength gains, but it doesn’t fall in line as an ideal program for the goals you’ve previously stated.

Also, at your current level of strength and inexperience, I’m not sold that something as intricate as Smolov is even necessary.[/quote]

LOL at that thread. That sounds so much like me when I was that age it’s scary.

OP, what position do you play?