1st Week of Base Cycle on Smolov Necessary?

[quote]Steel Nation wrote:

[quote]Chris Colucci wrote:
From this kid’s thread a month ago:

"I’m 16 and I play football I’m 140 lbs and want to get up to 200lbs but without losing my awesome speed and the way I understand it slow twitch for mass and fast twitch for strength. I want to put ON mass but still be filled with fast twitch muscle fibers for strength. I eat healthy all the time.

I just started lifting this year I can bEnch 120-130- goal 220 can squat 180-200 goal 320 can deadlift 180-200 goal 320 I can do chi ups with about 50-60 extra pounds."[/quote]

LOL at that thread. That sounds so much like me when I was that age it’s scary.[/quote]
Did you ever get around to being filled with those fast twitch muscle fibers? :wink: