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1st Week of a Cut


Hi all,

Starting a cut on Monday, I will by carb cycling both intra week (high/low days) as well as reducing them by 20gms every month. Currently 18-20bf at 225.

I plan to start with a deficit of 1k - or should I start with 500k the first week, and kick up to 1K next?

Thanks in advance!!


I'd start smaller so as not to shut down your metabolism right away, and to see how your respond.
Are you keep the kcals the same daily too? or doing higher kcal days and lower ones?


Start with a 500 calorie deficet. Every 2 weeks reevaluate your progress.
If your satisifed with your results, keep the 500 calorie deficit.
If your not losing enough then either drop cals by 250 or increase energy expenditure.