1st TRT Follow-Up Lab Results

It’s way too early to be judging your new protocol.

I was waiting on your post and the fact that you told me not to change.

And one side of me leans that way for sure. But i just dont want to lean toward more just because i feel like i am risking health in long run just to feel a little better.

I just would like to be healthy and not risk any long term issues and fine something that also works. But i am leaning towards the fact that i should feel good and if i dont that is a problem.

Is there any negative effects of having estradiol stay at 71 ish for ling term like it was at 86 mg q3d and no AI?

There probably is a study showing an association to something negative. Take your obese, diabetic, low testosterone, high estrogen male. That guy is more likely to have heart disease. Contrast him to a fit, in shape, normal lipids, normal insulin/glucose, high testosterone, high estrogen male. Which one would you rather be?

I’ll say 71 does not scare me. I’ve seen too many guys with significant improvement in health markers after TRT and personally know many who have been on testosterone without AIs for most of their lives, I’m talking over thirty years.

I assume you do not have a doctor. You’ll have to continue the process until you find what works best for you. Everything in our world today is based on change. It sometimes ends up being change for the sake of change, but in time you’ll have your answers. Good luck.

No one will be able to answer that as we are in uncharted territory. The studies on estrogen and AI usage only show harm.

AI’s can cause bone loss, hair loss and mess with your lipids.